What Is Science For Elementary Students?

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Science has always been fun for children when its presented in the right way – children love to explore and discover through daily play. Teaching science to youngsters is essential as it has a lasting impact throughout their school life. Great teachers will teach why things are done, put facts into real-life scenarios, and create unforgettable learning experiences. Find out more Read More

After School Enrichment Activities For Elementary Students

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After school clubs are childcare facilities that offer sessional care – usually after school hours. They provide a safe and stimulating place in which to take part in activities and crafts. Term times provide lessons to help children understand the world around them – and after school clubs continue their education. As a head teacher you may be looking for ideas to interest and inspire your children – take a look at some after-school enrichment activities for elementary students here… Read More

Awesome Birthday Party Ideas For An 8 Year Old Boy

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Looking for 8-year-old boy birthday party ideas? Providing you chose the right games to get the kids into the party spirit you can’t go wrong – especially if you ask your child to help you with all the planning. At this age games can start to be a bit more competitive – so you may need to do a bit of subtle intervention to make sure everybody wins. Here are some awesome birthday party ideas for an 8-year-old boy… Read More