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Mother Nature Science is the ultimate holiday mix of education, fun and indoor and outdoor hands-on science experiments and activities!

Every year the Mother Nature Science Camp inspires thousands of budding scientists, ages 5- 12 years,  during the Summer, Easter and Christmas school Holidays and even the half-term breaks at premium Partner School Venues.

Children need to bring their own packed lunch, mid-session snack and drinks bottle. We have a no sharing food policy. We respectfully ask for nut products (such as peanut butter, Nutella and bags of nuts) not to be placed in pack lunches. Campers should wear appropriate clothing for indoor and outdoor activities.

Activity Week Programme

SCIENCE WHIZZ – New for 2018!

Every day on this five-day science activity camp is a great mix of exciting demonstrations, hands-on experiments, team games and fun quizzes. Over the week your child will take part in 30+ science activities and demonstrations including:

Each day has four awesome science sessions!

Day 1: Science Mix!            

Rainbow Paper – We take a closer look at light and create our own shimmering, floating rainbows.
Balancing Robot – We try some tricky balancing challenges, then test our theories with our own balancing robots.
Balloon Zoom – As a team challenge we race balloons using our knowledge of jet propulsion.
The Fun Zone – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.

Day 2: Science Fun!

Crystal Letters – We examine crystal structures and start a crystal-growing experiment that you can continue at home.
Static Shock– We learn the shocking truth about electricity and harness it to make a moving animal model.
Dinosaur Discovery – From Velociraptors to Tyrannosaurus Rex we unearth our favourite dinosaur details and make a 3D Dinosaur model.
The Fun Zone – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.

Day 3: Science Blast!    

Hover Ball – We challenge ourselves to keep the ball in the air using air pressure, then make a hovering ball blower.
Whole Earth – We take a journey to the centre of the earth, build an earth model, then reveal the hidden layers within.
Food Chain Cup Stack – What’s for dinner? We look at food chains and nets and build a stacking chain of our own.
The Fun Zone – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.

Day 4: Science Slam!

In a Spin – We take a look at a Victorian toy and discover the link to cartoons and films then construct an eye-boggling Zoetrope.
Humming Bird Spinner – We trick our eyes again and make a sweet hummingbird spinner to transform a still image into a moving one.
Chromatography Bouquets – We see chromatography in action and create colourful flowers from just one colour
The Fun Zone – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.

Day 5: Science Wham!

Rain, Rain Go Away! We show how all the water on earth is part of a great, big cycle and build a mini water cycle to observe precipitation – that’s rain!
MR FAB – Animals can be classified into 5 groups – MR FAB has a taxonomy challenge for us to complete!
Flying Fish – Is it a bird or a fish? No, it’s a plane! We investigate if a plane really needs wings to fly.
The Fun Zone – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning

Remember – you as Parents will also receive a TOP SECRET Handout that tells you:

  1. What They DID?
  2. What They LEARNT?
  3. Other cool science you can EXPLORE AT HOME?


February Half-Term Holidays
Monday 12 to Friday 16 February  (5 Days)


9am – 3:30pm (6.5hrs).
Earliest drop off 8:30am; latest collection 4pm, by email or telephone request (extra £10).


Price  £245 per week / per child (5 day camp) 
Working out at £49 per day – for over 6 hrs of hands-on science activities.

Are you booking more than one week or child now?
– GREAT use one of the codes below to BOOST your SAVING – I’m booking: 

– £10 off full price (-£5/child)  when you book 2 weeks / children – use checkout coupon code: c172
– £30 off full price (-£10/child) when you book 3 weeks or children  – use checkout  coupon code: c173
– £60 off full price (-£15/child) – when you book  4 weeks or children  use checkout coupon code: c174
– £100 off full price (-£20/child) – when you book 5 weeks or children (-£20/child) – use checkout coupon code: c175

● Day rates:
we offer a limited amount of daily places at £60/day.

These can be booked over the phone on 020 8863 8832


South East London Venues

Dulwich & Southwark | SE21

Rosemead Prep School 
70 Thurlow Park Road, SE21 8HZ

or Call 020 8863 8832

South West London Venues

Kensington and Chelsea | SW6

Kensington Prep School
596 Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 5PA


or Call 020 8863 8832

Richmond | TW10

King’s House School
68 King’s Road, Richmond, TW10 6ES


or Call 020 8863 8832

North and North West London Venues

Harrow & Hillingdon| HA6

St Helen’s School
Eastbury Rd, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 3AS

or Call 020 8863 8832

Southgate & Enfield | N14

Salcombe Prep 
224-226 Chase Side, N14 4PL

or Call 020 8863 8832

Hampstead & Camden | NW3

South Hampstead Junior School | GDST
12 Netherhall Gardens, NW3 5RN


or Call 020 8863 8832

St. John’s Wood & Westminster | NW8

Saint Christina’s School,
25 St Edmund’s Terrace, Westminster, NW8 7PY

or Call 020 8863 8832

The Benefits for your Child

Everything You Need to Know

Before you attend

✔ All equipment provided
✔ Arrive 10 mins before the start
✔ Bring a packed lunch

About the Venues

✔ Parking on street

During the session

✔ Wear comfy clothes, for indoor and outdoor activities
✔ Adult participation is not required
✔ All skill levels welcome


How to Book

You can quickly and securely book and pay by  Card, BACS, Cheque or Childcare Vouchers –
via the following methods:

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    You will then be taken to the Booking Page where you can select your Holiday Camp.
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Price Promise

Transparent, Fast and Secure. Pay with confidence, the Mother Nature Science promise.
With our pricing there are no hidden extra costs and our online payment checkout is safe and secure. The prices you see are the total cost to you, inclusive of your customer protection plan, credit card charges, all premium multi-science activities, hands-on materials and take home experiments. Some camp providers have been known to charge extra for the above, in some cases doubling if not tripling the listed base prices by the time you reach checkout.
You can pay by BACS, Credit / Debit Card over the phone.

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