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What is a Mother Nature Science Fun Station!?!

Whether you are a School, parents association, parishioners, corporation or any Fair Organiser we come to your event with a fantastic Science Fun Station complete with: Candy Floss, Slime Making and Diffraction Glasses. You can also bolt-on additional options like Dry Ice and Amazing Bubbles.

We have three fantastic rolling experiments lined up for you that children can join in with at any time, each of which have their very own ‘take home’. – Find Out More!


Science Fun Stations


Fun Station 1: Slime Making!

Children will be fascinated by exploring the viscosity of this flubbery fluid and at the results. They will also be able to mix and colour their very own pot of slime to take home with them!


Fun Station 2: Candy Floss!*

Everybody loves candy floss, but can you guess how it’s made? Well, we are bringing our very own candy floss machine to explore the science behind the sweet stuff (and to test out how good it tastes)!

*Please ensure we are the only candy floss provider at your fair, we want to avoid the ‘candy floss turf wars’ experienced on previous occasions!


Fun Station 3: Light Diffraction Glasses!

Children discover the real mystery behind what makes up white light! This takes us into the physics of normal light by looking at its many colours. Each child will be able to try on and take home their very own pair of ‘Light Diffraction Glasses’ through which the science of white light can clearly be seen!


Showtime:  Rocket Science!

(15-20 mins. slot).

This is a show for all to watch! After being rounded up you’ll watch as our instructor, along with a few volunteers from the crowd, explore the science behind rockets and the importance of their design. The grand finale will take centre stage and we will be looking at a few different types of rockets and finding out which one can fly the highest!

What do we require?

In addition to the 2 tables we need access to an electrical socket (for candy floss machine) but will bring a 15m extension lead, so as long as we are no further away  from the socket than that – it should be fine. Access to a sink for cleaning up after (slime) would be great.

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