Coombe Hill Junior School

Coombe Hill Junior School

Mother Nature Science Holiday Camp Partner

Coombe Lane West, Kingston upon Thames KT2 7DD

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About this School

“At the heart of all we do, we will continue to ensure that pupils have a fundamental love of learning;All children will make good progress and a very high percentage make progress significantly above nationally expected rates with no gaps between significant groups; Children will have been helped to develop a Growth Mindset, and see themselves as life-long learners, understand their next steps and want to take responsibility for their own learning and development;

We will develop an ‘Innovative Curriculum’ where: The curriculum is broad enough to inspire artists, musicians, scientists, linguists, mathematicians and the sportsmen and women of the future;We have reinvigorated the use of the Outdoor Learning area, enabling pupils to develop an appreciation of the environment and the natural world, as well as an understanding of the important role they have in protecting it; our own school will be a model of environmental good practice; We never lose sight of the power of reading, stories and story-telling; Our healthy schools ethos is a strand running through every aspect of the curriculum and school culture; We celebrate and learn from the variety of cultures within the school, in our community as well as further abroad; Pupils are actively taught to develop the resources for calm and mindful reflection.

We will use our own teaching expertise to develop a lead role as a training school which serves the community and builds the next generation of teachers; the use of Lesson Study to shape the practice of every teacher in a spirit of open enquiry; a strong staffing structure which is able to reward and acknowledge great practice and challenge when necessary; providing consistently strong and nationally recognised professional development, and succession opportunities.

We will strengthen our place in the community by: Striving towards establishing a school staff and governing which that reflect the diversity of our population; Making sure our pupils enjoy real life experiences that reflect the democratic nature of our country; Forming long lasting partnerships with schools in Developing Countries which are based on mutual learning experiences as well as support; Celebrating the festivals of our community and upholding the importance of diversity and mutual respect, becoming a meeting hub for local groups and developing further our adult education and courses for parents; Creating opportunities for our pupils to support charitiable and community projects – including work with the elderly and pupils with particular special needs.

We aspire to be effective users of Technology in the service of our strategic priorities by: Appointing a technology champion from among the staff to find and promote new technologies that will enhance creativity and quicken rates of pupil progress; Developing an effective and appropriate two way on-line communication system with parents, which allows them to track their child’s progress and enable all pupils to access learning away from the school premises

We aspire to ‘Maximise the Effective use of the School Site’ in order to: Develop more creative spaces and specialist zones to enhance learning and allow alternative ways of learning; from an outdoor amphitheatre to a refurbished hall, which reinforces our creative messages Create a market garden zone where children grow fruit and vegetables, tend chickens and animals; Establish a designated area where children can prepare food and cook; To ensure we serve home-cooked, locally produced food in our own popular and healthy café; Create open classrooms in line with our training school ethos – with fixed or moveable video facilities to enable staff to reflect on their teaching and an open door policy throughout.”

Courtesy: Coombe Hill Junior School

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