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The No.1 All-Year-Round Science Activity Entertainer, Educator and Childcare Provider.

The Most Inspiring Science Edutainment for Young Scientists Aged 5-12! 
Find out today how your child can join the 250,000 children we've already help inspire with Science in the UK! That’s not to mention the 3 million children inspired worldwide since 1984, but we don't like to show off - too much. 

The Five Point Mother Nature Science Promise
1. We believe that every child is special. We inspire and enrich your children through science so they can reach their full potential, not just in science but across all academic subjects.

2. Mother Nature Science helps build confidence. As a parent you’ll see your child flourish.

3. We enjoy developing an exciting and varied curriculum. Partnered with industry brands we engage children with current themes.

4. A trusted and reliable brand. For over 30 years we deliver premium quality and value for money

5. The safety of all our children is paramount. Our policy is to ensure a safe through rigorous risk assessments and welcoming environment for children to grow.



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November 2015 Update

Biology Week 2015 The countdown has begun!

Royal Society of Biology, Biology Week 2015 is from 10th - 18th October and the countdown has begun!

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