Childcare Vouchers

Ofsted Registration, Childcare Vouchers
and Government Tax-Free Childcare

Mother Nature Science is Voluntarily Ofsted registered at the following Venues:

EY490417 | Saint Christina’s School, 25 St Edmund’s Terrace, NW8 7PY – Certificate
EY495867 | King’s House School, 68 King’s Road, Richmond, TW10 6ES – Certificate
EY495868 | South Hampstead High School, Junior Dept, 3 Maresfield Gardens, London, NW3 5SS – Certificate
EY495498 | St Helen’s School, Eastbury Rd, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 3AS – Certificate

Please note as a childcare provider we are not required to be registered but we choose to do so, to show that we are committed to the highest standards of safety.

Accepted Childcare Voucher Provider Codes:


  1. Find your Provider from the list below – and we will allcoate it to your specific booking
  2. Copy your unique ‘Childcare Voucher Code’ – Important: Only use this unique Reference to find us when Paying. Do not search by Venue name, School’s will have their own Ofsted Registration numbers too.
  3. Book your Holiday Camp online as normal (at Checkout do not choose Worldpay)- Here (skip this step if you have already provisionally booked)
  4. Visit your Childcare Voucher Website and pay the required amount for your booking

Provider Childcare Voucher Code Website
Bravo Benefits (formerly ‘Busy Bees’)Use ‘Mother Nature Science’ EY495867 (‘King’s House School’) www.bravobenefits.co.uk (Please use the Code: ‘Mother Nature Science’ EY495867 Do NOT search just using the school name)
Childcare Grant Payment Service (CGPS)CCG9924326 -Mother Nature Science – at King’s House Schoolwww.ccgpay.co.uk
Childcare PlusEY490417www.pmmemployeebenefits.co.uk
Childcare Voucher SolutionsEY490417www.childcarevouchersolutions.co.uk
Co-operative Flexible Benefits85115207www.flexiblebenefits.coop
Employers for ChildcareEY490417www.efcvouchers.com
Enjoy BenefitsEY490417www.enjoybenefits.co.uk
Fair CareMONS0615www.faircare.co.uk
Gov. Tax Free Childcare (GTFC)‘Mother Nature Science – King’s House School, 68 King’s Road, Richmond, TW10 6ES’ – Search using ‘Mother Nature Science’ – do not pay the school.www.gov.uk/tax-free-childcare
HappypeopleMother Nature Science – EY495867www.happypeople.co.uk
Imagine85110792Co-op: www.flexiblebenefits.coop
Kiddie VouchersEY490417www.kiddivouchers.com
Little RascalsEY495498www.rascalschildcarevouchers.co.uk
RG Childcare73017821617www.rgchildcare.co.uk
Salary Extras (was Salary Exchange)EY490417www.salary-extras.co.uk
Pluxee (Previously Sodexo)839498 and use postcode HA6 3ASuk.childcare-vouchers.sodexo.com
Universal Credit (UC)Book and Pay Online as normal on our website first. Then Request Invoice from Team MNS to claim. Note: to claim money back using UC, you must register using the gov.uk link first!www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs/universal-credit
You At WorkEY490417www.youatwork.com
  • Please use the Code: EY490417 – Do NOT select St Christina’s School

Please note: if your Employer is registered with any of the following you will need to contact them directly and request they add us to their database:

  • My Family Care Vouchers
  • All Save
  • Childcare Plus
  • Corporate Childcare Solutions

Please find below the Mother Nature Science Ofsted registered venues with the reference to use for your childcare voucher provider:

Venue Ofsted Certificate Codes

EY490417 | St John’s Wood (Westminster): Saint Christina’s School, 25 St Edmund’s Terrace  City of Westminster, NW8 7PY 
EY495867 | Richmond: King’s House School, 68 King’s Road, Richmond, TW10 6ES
EY495868 | South Hampstead (Camden): South Hampstead High School, Junior Dept, 3 Maresfield Gardens, London, NW3 5SS
EY495498 | Harrow & Hillingdon: St Helen’s School, Eastbury Rd, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 3AS

Government Tax-Free Childcare References

Note: pay using one of our named ‘Mother Nature Science’ locations – only and then email us done.
Do not pay the schools directly.

Search and Use (i.e. displays as ‘Mother Nature Science’ – Only):

Mother Nature Science – King’s House School, 68 King’s Road, Richmond, TW10 6ES (Reg. Ref. EY495867 Code: 50004242033)
Mother Nature Science – St Helen’s School, Eastbury Rd, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 3AS (Reg. Ref.  EY495498 Code: 50002457911)

What are Childcare Vouchers?

In April 2005, The Government introduced a Childcare Voucher Scheme to help support working parents. The scheme means that companies can offer employees childcare vouchers as part of their salary Free of Tax and National Insurance

Childcare Vouchers are a simple, flexible and effective way for employers to help their employees with their childcare costs. Companies can give employees up to £2,916 per year tax-free in childcare vouchers saving your company 13.8% Employers National Insurance Contribution on this figure and saving parents up to £933 each in Tax and National Insurance.

Each Parent can save up to £933 per annum (or up to £625 per annum for higher rate taxpayers). Employers can save up to £402 per employee per year in NI contributions. The scheme also improves staff morale, employee retention and recruitment of new staff.

Voluntary Oftsed Registration:

Due to the nature of our childcare service Mother Nature Science are ‘exempt’ from registering with Ofsted. However, because our safety standards are in line with them, from working with schools for over ten years, we choose certain school venues where we have a long-established relationship to be ‘Voluntarily Ofsted Registered’ as ‘Childcare on non-domestic premises’ for holiday camps.

We are not required to register to run our holiday camps but we occasionally choose to for our long-term school partners.

Every Holiday camp school venue is required is to be registered separately. This also enables parents to pay using childcare vouchers at the registered venues – only.

The full Ofsted requirements (as ‘Childcare on non-domestic premises’)  that we have to satisfy are located in the childcare registration handbook.

Why are we not required to register?

Mother Nature Science is a private limited company, offering science instructional based activities to help children gain an interest in science by coaching them on various science topics from Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

We provide no more than two types of activities from “school study support or homework support”, “sport”, “performing arts”, “arts and crafts”, and “religious, cultural or language study” (please see number 10 of the  “Registration not required – a childcare factsheet” See Here, Ofsted document reference number 080134).

These points negate us from being compulsorily required to be Ofsted registered.

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