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Our term-time science sessions help children to better to understand the world around them. We explore a wide variety of scientific topics across Chemistry, Biology and Physics which are linked to the National Curriculum and supplement STEM primary learning.

Book with confidence! All our school activities are fully Insured, Risk Assessed and ‘We’re Good to Go’ Industry Certified COVID-Safe.

Our mantra is always: Safety – Fun – Education

We run at schools during the autumn, spring and summer terms and are Partnered with hundreds of schools – some which we have been running at for over ten years. During each fun and educational science session, children observe an exciting demonstration, enquire about the science behind it and then engage in a hands-on activity to confirm their findings. Parents also receive a topic sheet after every session detailing what their child has done and other experiments to continue the science at home. Our sessions are designed to inspire children of all abilities to have a love of science both in and out of school.

  • Pupil Benefits – Tried and tested, fun, Curriculum-linked, take-home, hands-on and demonstration-based STEM experiments
  • Hassle-free – We can handle all aspects of enrolment and administration and print enrolment forms
  • Resources – We provide all staffing and equipment
  • Experience – 15+ Years’ Experience, 1,000’s of schools worked with
  • Safety – Staff Enhanced DBS Checked, Fully Insured and Risk Assessed
  • Ofsted Expectations – Improved extended school provision, we offer services and activities which support and motivate children and young people to achieve their full personal and academic potential

Note: We have a large team of experienced staff and multiple offices – we are not a ‘one-man-band’ science presenter

Our Programmes for Schools

Our sessions are the product of over 30 years of science and educational experience and are packed full of varied, fun science activities across the main life sciences of chemistry, biology and physics. All sessions are linked to the UK National Curriculum.

They are specially designed so that children can improve their intellectual, cognitive and enquiry abilities through fun, thought-provoking demonstrations, quizzes and hands-on science activities. Our Instructors use a wide range of specialist science equipment and resources. We also provide parents with a topic session sheet that children can take home and continue learning.

They are continually being improved and updated, relative to changes in the school curriculum, teaching methods and developments in science

After-School Science Club

During each fun and educational session, we help children observe and learn through exciting demonstrations, enquire about the science behind them and then engage in hands-on activities to confirm their findings. Our sessions help children to better understand the world around them. You explore a wide variety of scientific topics across Chemistry, Biology and Physics which are linked to and supplement the National Curriculum.

Parents also receive a topic sheet after every session telling them exactly what their child has done and other ideas for further learning at home.

Book with confidence! All our school activities are now ‘We’re Good to Go’ Industry Certified COVID-Safe. We have a COVID-Safe Policy for Schools, full Safeguarding Policy and Risk Assessment.


  • Takes Place within Schools during term time, either before, during lunch or after school.
  • Appropriate for pupils’ years R-6 (ages 5-12)
  • Clubs run for 8-12 weeks per school term
  • All our staff are police checked (DBS), all sessions Risk Assessed and we have full Public Liability Insurance
  • We provide all staffing, equipment and resources for every session (i.e. no school staff are required)
  • We can handle all aspects of enrolment administration, print and email enrolment forms and liaise directly with parents
  • Each hour-long session includes science demonstrations, hands-on take-home experiments and parent handouts
  • We can offer a complementary science assembly to help promote the club
  • We have Six ‘Systems’ and can run for two years without repeating a single science topic – See All Systems Here

If you are outside of our serviceable area be also run as an live streaming ‘Online Science Club’ class – for more information about this Contact Us

In-School Science-Day Workshops

British Science Week 2024 (8-17 March 2024!) – Booking Now!

Congratulations busy Teachers!  Your search to find the best Science Workshops is at an end MNScience is the undisputed ultimate Science Week Workshop planner!

We are delighted to confirm that under Government Guidelines we can now run our workshops as normal. We are delighted to confirm that for British Science Week 2024 the official dates run from 8-17 March 2024! – which are already starting to fill up, don’t miss out!

The official theme this year is ‘Time’ and we we have lots of great Workshop Topics to choose from.

For over 10 years we have delivered safe high-quality science workshops to the leading Primary and Preparatory schools. Our super fun science workshops are equivalent to in-class science field trips and are the highlight of your science week.

We make it hassle-free for you to organise your Science Week Day Workshops. We come to you with all the kit and staffing to perform a whole day (or days), of hands-on enquiry based 30min workshops with every child in the school. We have workshop topics to cover all specific aspects of the primary science curriculum. There is no minimum or maximum number of workshops you can book, as we can offer multiple days or send multiple instructors for a single day. All we require from you is a single classroom with tables and chairs reserved for the entire day.

We have workshop topics to cover all aspects of the primary science curriculum within awesome chemistry, biology and physics. Including, forces, invention, colloids, ecology, volcanoes, evolution, gases, colour theory, communication, engineering and advances in technology, anatomy and many more.

Parents also receive a top-secret science sheet after every session explaining what their child has done and other experiments to continue the science at home.

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Key Points: 

  • Hassle-Free to Organise, Takes Place in Schools and The “WOW” Highlight of your Science Week
  • Fun, Hands-on,  Take-home Demonstration-Based STEM Experiments
  • Workshops Appropriate for Every Child in the School and Curriculum Linked
  • 15+ Years Experience
  • Staff Enhanced DBS Checked, Fully Insured and Risk Assessed
  • Price as low as £2.41 per pupil and Advance Booking Discount Available!  
  • You can select a Science Day Workshop Topic for your Science Day Workshop!

Select a Science Day Workshop Topic for your Science Day Workshop!

Each topic is fun hands-on and enquiry based, are linked to the National Curriculum and cover a branch of Natural Sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You can choose one per science day!

Please find topic descriptions below.

Science Day Workshop Topic

Choose Your Science Day Workshop Topic

Our Diverse Planet! 

Through a series of fun demonstrations and hands-on experiments we investigate the science of diversity on our planet.

We reinforce this learning through play and making, as each child makes their very own take-homeexperiment.

They also each get a ‘take home sheet’ they can discuss in class and continue the learning at home with their parents.

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(Physics Fun!)

The First Law of Thermodynamics states, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed”. Through a series of fun demonstrations and experiments, we investigate the energy journey and see how energy can be stored, transferred, and what happens when energy is released, by taking a look at surprising springs!

We reinforce this learning as each child makes and decorates their very own take-home Super-Cool-Spring-Space-Rover – an elastic potential-energy wooden car, powered by a wind-up spring!

We’ve also created a super-cool whole-school science assembly show – the  Epic Energy Journeys Show!  – Here

What do schools say about this workshop?:
“Thank you very much for a great day of chemistry and physics – a WOW part of our STEM week.” – Our Lady Queen of Heaven RC School, February 2019

Super Slime!– School Favourite!

(Chemistry fun!)

Proven to be one of the pupils’ favourites, the Slime Workshop is an exploration of ‘states of matter’ introducing ‘colloids’ and ‘polymers’ whilst exploring the chemistry behind gooey stuff!

Each child makes and takes home their own special coloured slime pot!

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Exploration and Discovery! – School Favourite!

(Biology and Physics fun!)
Want to go into space? Then you need our Astronaut Training Workshop! First we brainstorm the ideal qualities a space explorer needs, then test their astronaut skills with a spacewalk to repair a rocket. Every child makes a jet-powered Super-Duper Rocket Shooter, while learning about forces. For older pupils we expand the enquiry to include air pressure, gravity, and air resistance.
They won’t quite be ready for NASA, but will be buzzing with ideas to continue the exploration and discovery theme.

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Green Earth! – School All-Time Favourite!

(Biology fun!)

Pupils find out how cool plants really are! Using spectacular chemical demonstrations and experiments, they experience firsthand the significance of the ‘greenhouse effect’.

Pupils  see renewable energy in action by making their own take home ‘Solar Powered Oven’.

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Explosive Earth! – School All-Time Favourite!

(Chemistry fun!)

Pupils explore Earth’s amazing layers and how the crust gets destroyed and re-generated through trenches and volcanoes. They go on to experience its power through an explosive ‘jet pack fuel’ and ‘elephant toothpaste’ volcano experiment.

Each pupil creates their own ‘mini volcano’ and watches the chemical reaction erupt!

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(Physics fun!)

We take pupils on a journey from the basics of communication to present day technology. Hands on experiments include sound wave ‘tube tubas’, radio wave ‘walkie talkies’, S.O.S. coding using light bulb circuits and even ‘fibre optic lights’.

Our mini investigators make and take home their own ‘Mini Wave Signal Cannon’!

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(Physics fun!)

Pupil visit the key concepts of ‘Newton’s 3rd law of motion’ and ‘Friction’. Through cool experiments like the ‘skateboard challenge’, ‘chemistry rockets’ and the ‘locking book’ we discover how these concepts assist athletes when competing in sporting events and how it helps everyone in their daily lives.

Every pupil makes a ‘friction sprinter’ which they get to race at the end- but who will win Gold?

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(Biology fun!)

The children learn about the different parts of the brain, their functions and their purpose. We will show that the cerebrospinal fluid and the skull protect the brain from sudden impact. Through a series of short activities, students will discover which side of the brain they use the most! They will see just how good their memory is, try to keep their balance and better understand the sense of touch! They will also investigate why two eyes are better than one!

The children will then make their own colourful brain hats!

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Dry Ice!

(Chemistry fun!)

Pupils will learn about the properties of Carbon Dioxide and how cool the gases are through a variety of spectacular ‘Dry-Ice’ experiments, including:  ‘tasting’, ‘giant bubbles’, ‘balloons’ and ‘popping corks’ – to name but a few.

Pupils go home inspired by the coolest gas in the world and the unforgettable experience of tasting fizz without having drunk any liquid.

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(Biology fun!)

This workshop explores the question of why living creatures have adapted to be the way they are and offers children an exciting introduction to Darwin and his theories.

Each pupil makes and takes home an ‘adaptation butterfly’ – but will it have the correct adaptations to survive?

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The Colour of Light!

(Physics fun!)

Pupils will rediscover just how the famous historical scientists Francesco Maria Grimaldi and Sir Isaac Newton identified colour and where it comes from. They experiment with Newton’s colour wheel, the properties of different metals and discover how rainbows are created.

All pupils will try on our ‘Rainbow Diffraction Glasses’ which miraculously break-up white light into its component colours. For a small extra cost, these ‘prisms that you can wear’ can be given to children as a fantastic take home!

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Invention and Discovery!

(Physics fun!)

We show pupils through inquiry, discussion and practical activities that anyone can become an inventor. Using the pneumatic tyre on a bicycle as an example, pupils explore how even the simplest inventions can change the world.

All Pupils get hands on, make and take home their own ‘Pneumatic Pressuriser’.

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Explore the Future!

(Physics fun!)

We take pupils back to the future to look at Da Vinci’s transport inventions. Then we go forward in time, beyond the present, to explore the Hyperloop Theory; which uses the concepts of magnetism, propulsion and air pressure.  An exciting alternative method of futuristic travel.

All Pupils get hands on, make and take home their own ‘Supersonic Stomp Rocket’.

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(Physics fun!)

We learn about the Four Fantastic Forces of Flight; Gravity, Lift Thrust and Drag through a fun game. Then discover the power of Frank Whittle’s turbojet engines and explore the Bernoulli effect.

Each child will receive a polystyrene glider which can be constructed in the workshop or later in class.

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Science Assembly Shows!

Probably the Greatest Science Show on Earth!

These exciting 20-minute Science Demonstration shows are designed to entertain a whole school hall of Reception to Year 6 pupils with spectacular science demonstrations and discussions to inspire their curiosity and imagination.
Note: They are an optional ‘add-on’ as an explosive start to your full day of Science-Day Workshops. We only offer ‘stand-alone’ Assembly Shows outside March, due to peak workshops demand.

Choose one of the great shows listed below!

Science Challenge Show!

Can our daring Mother Nature Scientist complete the fiendishly tricky Science Challenges?
With audience participation and exciting demonstrations, we investigate sounds and make a bucket sing, discover why bubbles are lazy then make an enormous floating bubble, and finally, we create an exploding dessert with a custard powder cloud!

Superhero Show!

The Professor has been watching a lot of movies about superheroes lately and has decided that maybe they could be a superhero too! – All they need to do is figure out what they might be really good at, and use science to make some adaptations – everything from spinning fast enough to knock villains out of the way, to covering themselves in slime, to propelling themselves across the room with a flammable gas! Instructors present a range of science topics through exciting demonstrations. Some of the science topics include: air pressure, chemistry, balance, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and strong shapes.

Other great shows:

Epic Energy Journey Show!

The Professor has come fresh from the laboratory and wants to test out lots of experiments. These experiments revolve around energy and chemical and physical changes, including combustion. Flash Paper burns, carbon dioxide is produced, and balloons are popped. Some of the science topics include: Energy transfer, heat, chemistry, Laws of Thermodynamics, liquids, and gases. Children will develop skills in observation, testing and making conclusions through interactive demonstrations.

Exploration and Discovery Show!

Our Mother Nature Science astronaut leads the whole school assembly on a virtual trip into space.
With audience participation, and exciting demonstrations this assembly is the perfect start to a day of Exploration and Discovery.
We look at what humans need to survive in space, with a fun Rule of 3 demo. Then investigate the equally important conundrum – how do you spend a penny in a spacesuit!
Then we send our stunt-double astronaut into zero-gravity and end with an explosive rocket fuel finale.

Fantastic Flight Show!

Children get an insight into flight. They are inspired by local British scientists and focus on the work of Frank Whittle and the jet engines. They will witness highly visual and entertaining experiments performed by the Professor which highlight the forces behind lift. The children are fascinated by seeing experiments using parachutes and leaf blowers and they are surprised by the Bernoulli principle challenge!

Invention and Discovery Show!

Children get an insight into the history of Inventions! Through an interactive quiz we get the children thinking straight away – What is the difference between an invention and a discovery?
They will witness highly visual and entertaining experiments performed by the instructor which highlight some exciting inventions and discoveries!

Explore the future Show!

Children get an insight into the history of transportation and Friction! They will discover what major transportations have been discovered and what the forces they need to overcome to get faster. They will learn the differences forces which affect our modes of travel. They will be inspired by Da Vinci’s designs and Newton’s Third Law. They learn the science behind the experiment performed by the instructor with links to rollercoasters.

Holiday Camp (Venue Partnership)

Mother Nature Science Holiday Camp is the original, ultimate holiday mix of education, fun and indoor and outdoor hands-on science experiments and activities! We’ve been running these camps for over 10 years and are the no.1 trusted holiday activity camp for parents.

You can generate revenue for your school during the holidays by letting out a classroom while raising the profile of your schools holiday activity care for parents.

Every year the Mother Nature Science Camp inspires thousands of budding scientists (from all over the UK and Internationally), ages 5 – 12 years, during the Summer, Easter and Christmas school holidays and even the half-term breaks at premium Partner School Venues.

Letting requirements:

  • Single classroom (junior furniture, to fit 20 pupils), 9 am – 3:30 pm
  • Access to outdoor play space (for break times only)
  • Parking for one car
  • We are happy to share the building with any other holiday camp providers

School Fair

We come to your school fair with a fantastic Science Fun Station complete with: Candy Floss, Slime Making and Diffraction Glasses. You can also bolt-on additional options like Dry Ice and Amazing Bubbles.

We have three fantastic rolling experiments lined up for you that children can join in with at any time, each of which have their very own ‘take-home’.

Science Fun Stations

Fun Station 1: Slime Making!

Children will be fascinated by exploring the viscosity of this flubbery fluid and at the results. They will also be able to mix and colour their very own pot of slime to take home with them!

Fun Station 2: Candy Floss!*

Everybody loves candy floss, but can you guess how it’s made? Well, we are bringing our very own candy floss machine to explore the science behind the sweet stuff (and to test out how good it tastes)!

Fun Station 3: Light Diffraction Glasses!

Children discover the real mystery behind what makes up white light! This takes us into the physics of normal light by looking at its spectrum of rainbow colours. Each child will be able to try on and take home their very own pair of ‘Light Diffraction Glasses’ through which the science of white light can be clearly seen!

Showtime:  Rocket Science! 

(15-20 mins. slot)

This is a show for all to watch! After being rounded up you’ll watch as our instructor, along with a few volunteers from the crowd, explore the science behind rockets and the importance of their design. The grand finale will take centre stage and we will be looking at a few different types of rockets and finding out which one can fly the highest!

What do we require?

In addition to the 2 tables, we need access to an electrical socket (for candy floss machine) but will bring a 15m extension lead, so as long as we are no further away from the socket than that – it should be fine. Access to a sink for cleaning up after (slime) would be great.

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