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Video Caption: Alien Slime Making at the Mother Nature Science Holiday Camp #AlienSlime

Inspiring Young Minds!

For over 30 years Mother Nature Science has offered the world’s highest quality curriculum linked science programmes and activities for children aged 5-12. 

Since its inception in 2007, Mother Nature Science has inspired over 250,000 children. With partners who share our goal of inspiring the minds of the next generation with science our objective is to inspire another one million over the next five years.

The Five Point Mother Nature Science Promise. 

1. We believe that every child is special. We inspire and enrich your children through science so they can reach their full potential, not just in science but across all academic subjects.

2. Mother Nature Science helps build confidence. As a parent you’ll see your child flourish.

3. We enjoy developing an exciting and varied curriculum. Partnered with industry brands we engage children with popular themes.

4. The safety of all our children is paramount. Our policy is to ensure a safe thorough rigorous risk assessments and welcoming environment for children to grow.

5. A trusted and reliable brand. For over 30 years we’ve delivered premium quality and value for money.

Our Approach.

Mother Nature Science ensures children everywhere are able to ‘have fun with science’, and with that instil a clearer understanding of what science is really about and how it affects the world around them.

We have found that focusing on learning through hands-on enquiry based practical science activities means children improve rapidly and both child and parent feel proud of their progress.

Our Ability Level

Mother Nature Science has designed over 200 lesson plans for children between the ages of 5 to 12 years across our four Core Products. In the United Kingdom, our sessions are linked to and supplement the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2.

Sessions have a tried and tested mixed age dynamic which works well as it promotes teamwork and gives extra responsibility to the older children and helps stretch the younger children. Sessions are limited to 20 children and we operate on a ratio of 1- 10 with our instructors so we have one main presenter and an assistant who is there especially to look after the younger children.

For Parents!

We Provide your Children with the most Inspiring, Fun, Hands-on, Chemistry, Physics and Biology Science Activities!

I want to find out more about the BEST:

Parent Party Testimonials

Our son really enjoyed the party and so did the other children.  The children really enjoyed the rocket launcher, making slime and the hovercraft.  Thank you for providing a fun and educational party for our son! Many parents commented that it was a great idea to have an educational party and it was entertaining too!
M. Yip

Parent Camp Testimonials

Both my wife and I were very surprised that our child woke up every morning eager to attend the Science Camp. You must be doing something very well to have that level of engagement.
Y. Modi

School & Parent Club Testimonials

“I just want to say that we deal with a lot of clubs and I think the way you run the classes, the rules and expectations at the beginning, the content, the experiments and the safety at the end of each class is amazing!”
Sarah Shelley, Clubs Coordinator, Independent Jewish Day School, Barnet Summer Term 2010                                                                                

For Teachers and Schools,

We  provide your Pupils with the most Enriching, Curriculum linked Chemistry, Physics and Biology In-School Science Clubs, Workshops and Shows!

I want to find out more about the BEST:


School Workshop Testimonials

“Pupils told me the Instructors were fun and so were the activities (especially when hair went up!)” “The club is well-organised, classroom was always left very tidy and staff were very friendly”
Ms. Ward (Year 5 teacher), Queenswell Junior School

School & Parent Club Testimonials

“Elen has enjoyed the club very much … she has been very keen to show off what she has done at the science club each week at home”
Mrs. Kavanah (Parents), North Ealing Primary School

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