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After-School Science Activity Club

Super Science Systems

What is a ‘Super Science System’?

Every school term-time pupils attending our After-School Science Club will do 10-12 weekly one hour Science Club Topics, we call these ‘Systems’ – and we have 6 of them.

Every hour-long session is science expedition into the unknown and over the week your child will do lots of science activities, exciting demonstrations, hands-on experiments, team games, fun quizzes – across Chemistry, Biology and Physics. 

Did you know –  it would take a child two years of attending every System before they repeated any of our programmes. 

In other words,  TWO YEARS of brand new sessions before they repeat. 

Please find below the Science Activity Systems – Contact us to find out which System is running in your school term.

System One – After-School Science Club

Up to 12 Great Topics, 12 Amazing Weeks – including:

  • Cabbage Indicator! – Acids and bases, plus a take-home indicator to keep on testing.
  • Air Rockets! – Investigate the history of rockets and make your own rocket!
  • Catapult Comp! – Discover gravitational potential energy and make your own catapult!
  • Hoop Gliders! – Can Hoops fly? Investigate and make hoop gliders!
  • Eggonauts! – Save Eddy the Egg by designing a drop zone! Learn about momentum!
  • See All You Can See! – The science of vision, make a Benham’s disc.
  • Breathe in Breathe Out! – Learn about your lungs and make your own lung model!
  • Balloon Hovercrafts! – Overcome friction, make your own hovercraft.
  • Balancing on a Pinhead! – Strength and centre of gravity, make a balancing toy.
  • Tube Tubas! – Make your own tuba while picking up some (good) vibrations.
  • Butterflies and Mini-Beasts! – Camouflage your butterfly so it can hide from our hungry bird.
  • Periscope Down! – Diffraction and Refraction.
  • Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot! – The effect of temperature, take home a homemade thermometer!

System Two – After-School Science Club

Up to 12 Great Topics, 12 Amazing Weeks – including:

  • Clucking Cups! – Use sounds and vibrations to make a clucking bird cup!
  • Egg Cars! – Investigate inertia and try to save the egg from its fate.
  • How Does Your Garden Grow? – Look at greenhouse gases, then build your mini-greenhouse.
  • Land Sailers! – Discover how Sailors work and make your own land sailor!
  • Lighting it Up! – Learn about electricity and help bright sparks make circuits.
  • Push Me, Pull You! – Pneumatics! Launch rockets and move objects using air.
  • Seed Secrets! – A world of plants; discover what’s inside and help them grow.
  • Slime! – But is it a solid or a liquid? Make your own and find out.
  • The Red Heads! – Discover interesting facts about woodpeckers and make your own!
  • Under Pressure! – Investigate air pressure and weather! Make your own barometer!
  • Wacky Races! – Build a rocket car and investigate Newton’s laws of motion.
  • Wild Wind! – Explore Thunderstorms and Tornadoes. Make a fantastic wind indicator.

System Three – After-School Science Club

Up to 12 Great Topics, 12 Amazing Weeks – including:

  • It Won’t Come Back! – See what weapons were used thousands of years ago. Make and experiment with your own boomerangs.
  • Choppers! – Understanding of how aircraft wings are shaped to create lift and construct model rotor blades
  • Kaleidoscope! – Explore reflection & symmetry by making a kaleidoscope.
  • Let’s go to the Movies! – The world of animation: Thaumatropes, Zoetrope’s, Kinetropes and more.
  • Leaky Pens! – Investigate the science of chromatography and create a kirigami artwork
  • The Mystery Powder! – Use the basic process of fair testing and predictions. Identify a variety of different white powders and liquids.
  • Muscles! – Discover the types of muscles there are in our body. Make your own model of the muscles!
  • Plasma Ball! – Observe electrical conduction through fascinating experiments.
  • Super-Sized Space! – The solar system, make a glow-in-the-dark solar system mobile
  • Show me the Way! – Discover magnetic fields and make a floating compass!
  • Who’Dun’It? – Solve the crime using simple scientific forensic techniques.
  • Heat it up, Cool it Down! – Can crush, hand boil liquids and explore thermal expansion.

System Four – After-School Science Club

Up to 12 Great Topics, 12 Amazing Weeks – including:

  • Catch Me If You Can- Adaptations! – make animal puppets able to defend themselves.
  • Friction Climbers! – Discover the force of friction and make your own climbing creature.
  • Funky Flute! – Discover pitch and tone, make a funky flute to take home.
  • Heat Trap! – Investigate the ozone and its gases-make mini a solar oven.
  • Noisence! – Discover the science behind sounds and vibrations; Make a noisy bang!
  • Pendulum of Fear! – Things can’t swing forever, make a wave pendulum model.
  • Rocket 3,2,1 Blast Off! – The science behind rocket propulsion; make your aerodynamic arrrow!
  • Magic Money Box! -The science behind illusions, then make a ‘magic money box’.
  • The Mystery Gas! – Enjoy mysteries of our dry ice & watch fantastic experiments.
  • Puzzle-tastic! – Train your brain and make your own clever puzzles.
  • Salty Science! – Experiment with salinity and electricity; Separate salt from salty water!
  • Wave Motion! – Fire your wave cannon and make links to sound and light travel.

System Five – After-School Science Club

Up to 12 Great Topics, 12 Amazing Weeks – including:

  • Safe Landing! – Air resistance from the sky! Create home-made parachutes.
  • Sunscreen Science! – See the uses and dangers of UV light by making sun prints.
  • Skeleton Jigsaw! – Uses of bones in our bodies, take home a jigsaw skeleton.
  • Let’s Go Fishing! – Discover magnetism with your own magnetic fishing rod.
  • Loopy Lenses! – Enter a micro-world and design your own bug magnifiers.
  • Kite Design! – Overcome the forces of gravity and build your own stunt kite.
  • Star Gazing! – Convex and concave lenses, build a mini telescope.
  • Powerful Water! – How fast can you spin it? Make a water wheel to take home.
  • Unidentified Spinning Object! – Use magnetic fields to create ‘Unidentified Spinning Objects!’
  • Seesaw Game! – Mechanical leverage, make your own seesaw and investigate.
  • Going Down! – Investigate what density is and how it is measured. Make your own submarines!
  • Wheels with Teeth! – Take on the ‘gear challenge’ and take home a gear-tastic set.

System Six – After-School Science Club

Up to 12 Great Topics, 12 Amazing Weeks – including:

  • A Rainbow in My Hands! – Create an indoor rainbow, find out real colours of sunlight.
  • Bizarre Bodies! – Learn about the bizarre facts of our body!
  • Shadow Clocks! – Make your own sundial to take home and learn about Earth’s rotation
  • Can you Hear Me? – The passage of sound & how can we hear through walls?
  • Flying High! – The many forces in flight, build your own mini-stunt glider.
  • Powerful Wind!– Create your own wind vane learn about renewable energy.
  • Create a Candle! – Study Solids, liquids & gases by making your own candles.
  • Bridge Busters! – Strength in shape, can you design straw bridges strong enough?
  • Lava Lamps! – Densities & fluids moving through a hand-made lava lamp.
  • Run Marble Run! – Learn about momentum & construct a marble run of your own.
  • Strong Boats! – Buoyancy – Create a boat and compete for the ‘Strongest Boat’.
  • There’s No Going Back! – Investigate reversible and  irreversible reactions
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