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May-June Half-Term Science Activity Holiday Camp 2024

Epic Engineering! – New for 2024

🌍 Truly International! 🌎
Every year both UK and International children fly in from all over the world for our holiday camps. All your child requires is basic level of spoken English. 😊

Book with Confidence! – Our ‘Wraparound Childcare’ can run as normal in any Lockdown or Tier level. All Childcare Vouchers, GTFC, CGPS and Universal Credit accepted (at Checkout, just choose ‘Pay by Other Method’). We Offer Full ‘ No Quibble’ Refunds – in the unlikely event of cancellation of for any reason you give.

  • Book with confidence! Our Camps are classed as a high priority ‘Children’s Educational Settings, Childcare and Group Activities’ and thus exempt from UK Lockdown and Tier rules
  • ‘No quibble’ refunds for all bookings
  • For Girls and Boys Ages 5-12
  • Certified ‘We’re Good to Go’ COVID-Safe
  • Dates: Tue 28 May-Fri 31 May 2024 (4 days – Bank Holiday Mon 27 May)
  • Time: 9 am – 3:30 pm (Extended hrs 8:30 am – 4 pm, just add on online form)
  • At Select School Venues Across London
  • All Cards Accepted and Childcare Vouchers at Registered Venues Only
  • Early-Bird and Multi-Booking Discount available.
  • Winner ‘Best Holiday Camps’ voted by 1,000’s of Parents in the Hoop Awards
  • The No. 1 Parent-Trusted Holiday Science Activity Camp for over 10 Years

Everything You Need to Know

Every year the Mother Nature Science Activity Camp inspires thousands of budding scientists,  during all school Holidays and even the half-term breaks at premium Partner School Venues.

Before you attend

  • Designed as a week – long camp, for maximum benefit to your child *

*You can book ‘individual days’ at a premium rate and no discount is applicable. Booking for the whole week is is much more cost effective.

  • Open to ages 5 – 12 – tried and tested ‘mixed-age’ dynamic
  • 9 am – 3:30 – extended hours available
  • Bring a packed lunch – only mineral water provided
  • All equipment provided

During the sessions

  • Indoor and outdoor activities – bring comfy clothes
  • Four classroom-based fun, hands-on, craft-focused, science sessions per day, with wow-factor demonstrations and take-home experiments – across chemistry, biology and physics – see what they do below!    
  • Three ‘Playground-Activity-Breaks’ per day, including: football, hoola-hoops, tennis, skipping-ropes, bubble-guns, parachutes, bean-bags and stomp rockets – and more!

About the Venues

  • Located across London and Herts
  • Parking on street

The Benefits for your Child

Unleashes Creativity

Supports the school curriculum

Makes learning fun

Great physical activity

Expands the imagination

Encourages teamwork

Contributes to cognitive development

Builds confidence

Activity Week Programme

Epic Engineering!– New for 2024

Every day on this brilliant-Brunellian 4-day science activity camp is science expedition into the unknown and over the week your child will do 30+ safe, fun, STEM craft-focused activities, exciting demonstrations, hands-on, take-home experiments, team games and fun quizzes – across Chemistry, Biology and Physics!
Every Day includes:
4 Indoor classroom-based fun, hands-on, science sessions.
3 Outdoor ‘Activity Playground Breaks’ – hence why our camps are referred to as ‘Science Activity Camps’
Please note: the programme content and order may be subject to minor change.

Day 1> The Clever Scientist Challenge!

After a Getting to Know You and orientation session the mini scientists are launched into group challenges such as making a water carrier, designing a beak which picks up food, creating the most intricate spider web, and using pneumatics to invent a snapping dinosaur!
Getting to Know You! – Through games and activities we make sure all little scientists are prepared for a fantastic week of science fun!
Powerful Paper Cup! – Imagine being marooned on a desert island – one of the first things you need to find is drinking water – but how will you get it back to camp? The children design a water carrier using just a sheet of paper!
Hungry, Hungry Birds! – Different birds have different beaks adapted to their food source. Can you design a bird beak to pick up grains of rice for your hungry chicks?
Dino Snapper! – Pnuematic power is explored and harnessed to create a snapping dinosaur.

Day 2> Cool Creative Thinking!

The creative thinkers compete with each other in engineering challenges to build the tallest tower, construct a strong bridge, build some balance scales, and explore the engineering abilities of our arachnid friends!
Tin Foil Tower of London! – Can your team build the tallest tower? Height isn’t the only criteria; your tower must be strong and earthquake proof too!
Wonder Web! – A spider web is a marvel of engineering – in groups we design an intricate web to catch some flies.
Bombastic Bridge Challenge! – Using just paper straws (and some knowledge of strong shapes) can your team build the strongest bridge?
Weigh It Up! – We practice our balancing skills and then build some balance scales and test them with different materials.

Day 3> Epic Engineering Fun!

Today is a messy fun day! In groups we make a dam from a limited amount of materials to keep a village safe down river, then children take part in a fun bubble session and make their own bubble wands, we then discover the science behind a frog’s sticky tongue and end the day with more sticky fun with our ever-popular slime making activity!
Brilliant Bubble Maker! – Who doesn’t love bubbles? We see small bubbles, touchabubbles and even square bubbles – but the group challenge is to make the largest bubble.
Dastardly Dam Challenge! – Using a limited amount of materials can you design a dam to hold back the river?
Cool Catching Flies! – Why do frogs have a sticky tongue? We design our own sticky frog tongues, play a super silly, sticky tongue game and on the way learn the fascinating history of velcro!
Super Sticky Slime! – The sticky fun doesn’t end as we explore Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, and then make slime!

Day 4> Super Designer!

The designers work together to build the strongest boat then construct a flying machine and see who can fly the furthest. Then we get hands on with making a puzzling magic wallet and finally test our scientific investigation skills when we carry out experiments to find the best bottle tossing secrets!
Unsinkable Strong Boat! – Can you float a boat? We use a minimum range of materials to construct the best floating boat.
Fantastic Flying Fun! – We investigate the Four Fantastic Forces of Flight and then design our own flying machines to see which team can fly the furthest.
Magic Wallet! – We learn the science of topology and bamboozle our brains with a magic money wallet trick.
Best Bottle Toss Challenge! – We take the playground fad of the year and design an experiment to discover the best bottle tossing techniques.

Remember –  Parents will also receive a TOP SECRET Handout that tells you:

  1. What They DID?
  2. What They LEARNT?
  3. Other cool science you can EXPLORE AT HOME?


May-June Half-Term Holidays 2024

Tue 28 May-Fri 31 May 2024 (4 days – Bank Holiday Mon 27 May)-Epic Engineering!


Default timings below, it may differ at some locations please see booking form above.

9am – 3:30pm (6.5hrs).
Extended Hours: 8:30am-4pm – extra £10 per day, per child. Simply add (tick) on Online Booking Form above.


For the best price available to you, please see booking form above
Full Week Places (Discount Available)
Early Bird Discount is available! Up to 3-Weeks in advance of camp start date
Website automatically implements Early Bird Discount.
Normal Price: per week 5 days – premium hands-on science activities
Multi-Booking Discount is available, below for full-week friend group bookings, siblings and multiple weeks. Single payment transaction – only.
Places fill up 1-2 months in advance at some venues, so don’t miss out.
Day Rates (no Discount):
We offer a limited amount of daily places for a higher daily charge
How to book Day places: simply place your order online normally ignoring the full-week price and at the final ‘Checkout Page’ in the ‘Additional information’ box – type your preferred day/dates or requests and select ‘Pay by Other Method’ (‘BACS, Cheque, CV Childcare Voucher’) – not Pay by Card. Our Team will then email your balance and how to pay.

Multi-Booking Discount

We reward parents who book multiple full-week places, siblings or together in a group with friends. See an example below where you can save up to £100 by booking with your friends. e.g. 👩 Sarah Booked online for her 5 friends as per below using Basket Code C20 and saved everyone £20 and £100 in total.

– I’m booking: 

  • £10 off full price (-£5/child)  when you book 2 weeks / children
  • Basket page Coupon Code: C5
  • £30 off full price (-£10/child) when you book 3 weeks or children
  • Basket page Coupon Code: C10  
  • £60 off full price (-£15/child) – when you book  4 weeks or children  
  • Basket page Coupon Code: C15
  • £100 off full price (-£20/child) – when you book 5 weeks or children
  • Basket page Coupon Code: C20

Please note: friends in a group can also book online separately (choosing Checkout, Pay by Other Method) but one friend must pay for everyone via a single transaction bank transfer to qualify for the multi-book discount – you cannot pay separately. Available at participating offices only.

Difference payments may be requested if the codes above are misused. 

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