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October Half-Term
Science Activity Holiday Camp 2024

Halloween Science! – New for 2024

🌍 Truly International! 🌎
Every year both UK and International children fly in from all over the world for our holiday camps. All your child requires is basic level of spoken English. 😊

Book with Confidence! – All UK Childcare Vouchers, GTFC, CGPS and Universal Credit payment methods accepted. We Offer Full ‘ No Quibble’ Refunds – in the unlikely event of cancellation of for any reason you give.

  • The No. 1 Parent-Trusted Holiday Science Activity Camp for over 15 Years
  • Winner ‘Best Holiday Camps’ voted by 1,000’s of Parents in the Hoop Awards
  • All Childcare Vouchers, GTFC and CGPS Accepted (just Book Online as normal and Choose ‘Pay-by-Other Method’)
  • For Girls and Boys Strictly Ages 5-12 yrs – tried and tested ‘mixed-age’ dynamic
  • Classes Limited to only 20 children
  • Safe, Fun, Hands-On Indoor and Outdoor Enriching, STEM Activities
  • 9am-3:30 pm (Extended Hrs 8:30am-4pm – Just Add on Online Booking form)
  • At Select School Venues Across London
  • Dates:*
  • Week A: Mon 14 Oct-Fri 18 Oct 2024 (5 days)
  • Week B: Mon 21 Oct-Fri 25 Oct 2024 (5 days)
  • Week C: Mon 28 Oct-Fri 01 Nov 2024 (5 days)
  • Halloween Science!‘ – New Activities or 2024
  • *Dates Note: See Online Booking Form ‘Where’ and ‘When’ for scheduled dates at your Location. If the Week is not shown for your Location – it is not scheduled at your Location. Just choose ‘When’ to see all Locations scheduled for your preferred Week.
  • Early-Bird and Multi-Booking Discount available

Everything You Need to Know

Every year the Mother Nature Science Activity Camp inspires thousands of budding scientists,  during all school Holidays and even the half-term breaks at premium Partner School Venues.

Before you attend

  • Designed as a week-long camp, for maximum benefit to your child*

*You can book ‘individual days’ at a premium rate and no discount is applicable. Booking for the whole week is is much more cost effective.

  • Open to ages 5 – 12 – tried and tested ‘mixed-age’ dynamic
  • 9 am – 3:30 pm – extended hours available
  • Maximum Class sizes of 20 children
  • Ratio of 1:10 Instructor to Child
  • Bring a packed lunch – only mineral water provided
  • All equipment provided

During the sessions

  • Indoor and outdoor activities – bring comfy clothes
  • Four Indoor classroom-based, safe, fun, craft-focused, hands-on, science sessions per day, with wow-factor demonstrations and take-home experiments – Craft-focused STEM, across Chemistry, Biology and Physics – See Activity Programme – what they do below!
  • Three Outdoor ‘Playground-Activity-Breaks’ per day, including: football, hoola-hoops, tennis, skipping-ropes, bubble-guns, parachutes, bean-bags and stomp rockets – and more!

About the Venues

  • Located across London and Herts
  • Parking on street

The Benefits for your Child

Unleashes Creativity

Supports the school curriculum

Makes learning fun

Great physical activity

Expands the imagination

Encourages teamwork

Contributes to cognitive development

Builds confidence

Activity Programme – what they do!

Halloween Science! New Activities for 2024

This Halloween themed 5-day camp is a science expedition into the spooky unknown and over the week your child will do 40+ safe, fun, STEM craft-focused activities, exciting demonstrations, hands-on, take-home experiments, team games and fun quizzes – across Chemistry, Biology and Physics!
Every Day – includes: 
Four Indoor classroom-based fun, hands-on, science sessions.
Three Outdoor ‘Activity Playground Breaks’ – Hence why our camps are referred to as ‘Science Activity Camps’.
Please note: the programme content and order may be subject to minor change.

Day 1> It’s Hallow Scream!

After a Getting To Know You and orientation session we start the week with a virus awareness challenge, what are they, what do they do and most importantly how can we beat them?! We plunge into the deep, dark ocean and learn how pressure affects density. Then we create a spooky shadow show and see how light travels in a straight line and try to complete the bouncing light challenge.
Camp Induction – Getting To Know You – Through games and activities we make sure all little scientists are prepared for a fantastic week of science fun!
Coughs and Sneezes! – We make a virus model and learn why coughs and sneezes spread diseases.
Deep Sea Monster! – We make a pressure-diving deep sea monster!
Weird Shadows! – We discover how shadows are created and scare our friends with a shadow show.

Day 2> Fang-Tastic Fun!

Our scientific geniuses become ghoulish chemists for the day as they create an acid/base volcanic eruption, explore stretchy, gooey polymer slime, and then investigate why oil and water don’t mix.
Eerie Eruptions! – We learn about chemical reactions before making eerie erupting pumpkins.
Spooky Slime! – Then we investigate the power of polymers and make some glow-in-the-dark florescent slime.
Witch’s Cauldron! – Finally, we try to mix two liquids that don’t want to mix and create a bubbling witch’s cauldron!
The Fun Zone! – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning, support the younger children, and stretch the more able learners.

Day 3> Fang-Tastic Fun!

We trick our eyes with ghostly optical illusions, investigate the contents of our blood and examine what makes up our skeleton and make a friendly model skeleton – Skelly!
Witchcraft Illusions! – Our science wizards practice their magical skills and create a baffling thaumatrope optical illusion.
Blood Making! – We explore the make-up of blood and then make our own gory blood sample.
Skelly, the 3D Skeleton! – We end this day with a spine-chilling look at the skeletal system and put Skelly the Skeleton together.
The Fun Zone! – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning, support the younger children, and stretch the more able learners.

Day 4> Witchcraft Science!

Today we shoot rockets and examine how jet propulsion could speed up a witch’s broom and zoom bats across the classroom! Then we create a glow-in-the-dark spider web and uncover some creepy spider facts.
Flying Bats! – We investigate jet propulsion and launch some rocket bats.
Spooky Spider Webs! – Arachnophobes beware! We take a close look at the world of spiders and make a glow-in-the-dark spider web.
Broom Zoom! – Then we take the jet propulsion theme further and investigate sending witches into space with a rocket witches’ broom!
The Fun Zone! – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning, support the younger children, and stretch the more able learners.

Day 5> Freaky Fun!

The body is the focus when we ‘dissect’ a plasticine brain and get to grips with a skeleton hand. Then we re-animate some jelly worms as they do a wiggly dance.
Brain Building! – We get the children to use their heads and make a grisly brain model!
Manic Bone Hand! – A gruesome grabber helps up discover the bone structure in our hands.
Dancing Franken-Worms! – We then bring to life some Franken-worms and make them dance in a bubbling liquid.
The Fun Zone! – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning, support the younger children, and stretch the more able learners.

Parents, don’t worry you get something too – you will also receive a ‘TOP SECRET Parent Handout’ that tells you:

  1. What they DID?
  2. What they LEARN?
  3. Other cool science you can EXPLORE AT HOME?


October Half-term Autumn 2024*

Week A: Mon 14 Oct-Fri 18 Oct 2024 (5 days)-Halloween Science!
Week B: Mon 21 Oct-Fri 25 Oct 2024 (5 days)-Halloween Science!
Week C: Mon 28 Oct-Fri 01 Nov 2024 (5 days)-Halloween Science!
*See Online Booking Form at top of page ‘Where’ and When’ for available dates at your preferred location.


9am-3:30 pm (6.5hrs).
Extended Hours 8:30am drop-off; latest collection 4 pm. Just Add on Online Booking Form above (extra £10 per day, per child).


For the best price available to you, please see Online Booking Form above

Full Week Places (Discount Available)
Early Bird Discount is available! – Up to 3-Weeks in advance of camp start date
Website automatically implements Early Bird Discount.
Normal Price: per week 5 days – premium hands-on science activities
Multi-Booking Discount is available, below for full-week friend group bookings, siblings and multiple weeks. Single payment transaction – only.

Places fill up 1-2 months in advance at some venues, so don’t miss out.

Day Rates (no Discount):
We offer a limited amount of individual ‘Day-Places’ for a higher daily charge
How to book Day places: simply place your order online normally ignoring the full-week price and at the final ‘Checkout Page’ in the ‘Additional information’ box – type your preferred day/dates or requests and select ‘Pay by Other Method’ (‘BACS, Cheque, CV Childcare Voucher’) – not Pay by Card. Our Team will then email your balance and how to pay.

Multi-Booking Discount

We reward parents who book multiple full-week places, siblings or together in a group with friends. See an example below where you can save up to £100 by booking with your friends. e.g. 👩 Sarah Booked online for her 5 friends as per below using Basket Code C20 and saved everyone £20 and £100 in total.

Note: you are only permitted to use one code per booking and not permitted to ‘stack’ these discount codes and any difference payments will be requested if the codes are misused.

  • £10 off full price (-£5/child)  when you book 2 weeks or children
    Basket page Coupon Code: C5
  • £30 off full price (-£10/child) when you book 3 weeks or children
    Basket page Coupon Code: C10  
  • £60 off full price (-£15/child) – when you book 4 weeks or children  
    Basket page Coupon Code: C15
  • £100 off full price (-£20/child) – when you book 5 weeks or children
    Basket page Coupon Code: C20

Please note: friends in a group can also book online separately (choosing Checkout, Pay by Other Method) but one friend must pay for everyone via a single transaction bank transfer to qualify for the multi-book discount – you cannot pay separately. Available at participating offices only.

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