Salcombe Preparatory School

Salcombe Preparatory School 

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224 – 226 Chase Side, N14 4PL

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About this School

“Salcombe aims to inspire in all pupils a love of learning by offering the best possible education, meaningful engagement in learning, participation in a wide range of activities and opportunities to develop the attitudes and values which will prepare our young people to lead happy, stimulating, useful and fulfilled lives.

Being one of the top independent preparatory schools in North London, we provide our students with a traditional education, delivered in modern and innovative ways. From the moment the children arrive in Preschool they are encouraged to grow into confident, exceptional and above all, curious students.

We strongly believe that the charge of our students does not end when they graduate in Year 6, but continues throughout their formal education, and adult life.

Aspire, achieve, believe
At Salcombe we inspire a love of learning which our students carry with them throughout life. This love of learning allows our students to aspire to their own ideas of success, achieve the results they target and believe in themselves.

Dare to know – Sapere Aude
We believe in not just knowing, but understanding. Education that creates understanding of the value of human endeavour, of persistence in reaching a goal, of the need for effort to overcome obstacles.

Educational Excellence
Our educational excellence isn’t limited to academia. Our excellence ethos expands to music, art, sport and drama developing a confidence of self expression in our students. Self expression, a love of learning and an appetite for understanding fuels our education excellence.”

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