After School Science Club

In partnership with Primary Schools, Preparatory Schools and Parents during the school term.

Our term time after school sessions help children to better to understand the world around them. We explore a wide variety of scientific topics across Chemistry, Biology and Physics which are linked to the National Curriculum and supplement STEM primary learning.


We run at schools during the autumn, spring and summer terms and are Partnered with hundreds of schools – some which we have been running at for over eight years.


During each fun and educational weekly one hour session, children observe and exciting demonstration, enquire about the science behind it and then engage in hands-on activity to confirm their findings. Parents also receive a topic sheet after every session telling them what their child has done and other experiment to continue the science at home.


Our sessions are designed to inspire children of all abilities to have a love of science both in and out of school.

Five-Star Science Club Parent  Review Just in!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“My daughter,  had no interest whatsoever in science before she started attending the club on Wednesdays. However, the lessons she has received over the weeks have changed her outlook on the subject altogether and both my husband and myself are absolutely delighted with the enthusiasm she now shows.

This young teacher is an inspiration and we are very grateful for the time she spends delivering her subject….Thank you!“


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Please note: your child must already attend one of our Science Club Partner Schools in order to enrol. If this is not the case, please Contact Us with the name of your child’s school.

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Key Points After School Science Club


  • Takes Place within Schools during term time, either before, during lunch or after school.
  • Appropriate for pupils’ years 1-6 (ages 5-12)
  • Clubs run for 8-12weeks per school term
  • Can run for six school terms, two consecutive years of Spring Summer and Autumn terms, without repeating a single topic week.
  • All our staff are police checked, all sessions Risk Assessed and we have full Public Liability Insurance
  • We provide all staffing, equipment and resources for every session (i.e. no school staff are required)
  • We can handle all aspects of enrolment administration, print and email enrolment forms and liaise directly with parents
  • Each hour long session includes science demonstrations, hands-on take-home experiments and parent handouts
  • We can offer a complementary science assembly to help promote the club

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Fun Hands-On Premium Science Acitvities Every Week as Part of Your Child’s Extended Schools Provison

Teacher and Parent Testimonials

Thank you for organising this fantastic after school club.  My child is absolutely loving it.
M. De Sa, Fitzjohn’s School 2016

Why Choose Mother Nature Science for your After School Science Club

– we  have over ten years experience of delivering maximum:






Fun  & Safety



Recommended by:

Partnership Case Study | After School Science Club

Interview between Lynne Summer, Headteacher The Breakspear School, and Mother Nature Science, 2016

Q: Hi Lynne, can you believe the club has been running now for eight years, after such a long period of time why did you (the school) not take a break and why you think parents have continually kept enrolling their children term after term?

A: The school was extremely happy to continue working with Mother Nature Science  as we always found them to be both personable and professional – always taking the needs of the children into account as well as respecting the ethos and expectations of the parents and school.

The children really enjoyed the interactive and highly practical and informative sessions; these, in turn, reinforced and added to the learning both at school and home.  The sessions were extremely well planned, delivered and the instructors took time to really get to know the children and cater to their individual needs and interests.

The club was so well received that we were able to increase the provision from 1 session a week to 3 sessions a week!

Q: As you have discovered, our science club caters for children ages 5-12 of all abilities, can you think of a specific example where a child became more inspired and confident in their regular classes due to our club?

A: I can think of 2 children, in particular with very different needs.  One child who was wary of changes in routine and experienced anxiety with establishing new relationships found the lessons very interesting and highly enjoyable. This child was, through the successful working partnership of the School and the Mother Nature Science instructor, able to access a great learning experience which supported his intellectual as well as social and emotional needs. The other child responded well to the sessions as they promoted his self-esteem as well as providing him with mentally stimulating activities.     For both children the sessions stimulated their natural curiosity, promoted their self-confidence and provided an opportunity, outside the school classroom, to both learn and establish effective relationships with other children and adults.

Science Club Quick Rate Questionnaire:

And finally Lynne, please could you quickly ‘rate’ the following key club elements:

Q: Educational content?

A: Children were always excited by the topics and enjoyed both the investigative and practical aspects.

Q: Classroom management?

A: Instructors had very good behaviour and class management skills/strategies.

Q: Tidiness? (i.e. state we leave your classroom)

A: High respect given to the space provided.

Q: Entertainment value?

A: Children enjoyed the novelty as well as the fun aspect of the teaching – making learning visible and purposeful.

Q: General safety?

A: Instructors well trained in this respect.

Q: Communication with your school?

A: The club has always communicated with school in a professional and understanding manner.  An excellent partnership has been established.

Q: Would you recommend a Mother Nature Science Academy to other schools?

A: Yes.

Thank you again for taking the time to speak with us.

Partner Schools 2016

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