‘We’re Good to Go’ COVID-Safe Industry Certified

‘We’re Good to Go’ COVID-Safe Industry Certified

MNScience is now ‘We’re Good to Go’ COVID-Safe Industry Certified! You can now book with confidence! All Mother Nature Science activities are ‘We’re Good to Go’ COVID-Safe Industry Certified. “We’re Good To Go” is the official UK mark to signal that a business has worked hard to follow Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines and has a process […]

Catch-up Support Funding for Schools

Catch-up Support Funding for Schools The UK Government announced a ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium’ package worth £1 billion to ensure that schools have the resources they need to help all pupils make up for lost teaching time, with extra support for those who need it most. Schools can use this to fund their Mother Nature […]

Ofsted reports review, primary science teaching research

Report summary

Review of Ofsted school inspection reports 2017 to 2018
In England, science is a core subject which must be taught to all children in primary and secondary schools. Despite this, in recent years performance measures have focused more on maths and English, with science receiving less consideration.

This review looks at how often Ofsted school inspection reports commented on science between September 2017 and July 2018.

What’s inside

Facts and figures on how

British Science Week 2019 – Journey’s Workshop School Feedback

The MNScience Professor very entertaining, informal and positive with the children. All the children had a great experience and one comment I heard as they were leaving the school at the end of the day was “that was the best day ever!” As you had said, there was a time constraint but we managed to get everyone’s cars made. It had helped that I had passed around the instructions to the teachers and had organised plenty of teaching assistants to be on hand during the workshops so that there was plenty of help for the children to make the cars (particularly helpful to have some of the teaching assistants following the classes so doing the sessions over again and being able to help further and clear up and set up with the professor). The jumping frogs were easier and perfectly appropriate for the younger ages. The professor remained cheerful throughout!

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