Slime Boron Content – Shouldn’t be Scary

As you may be aware there has been a viral scare issue raised recently in the press regarding Slime ‘Boron’ Content


Mother Nature Science can  clarify the below:

  • Our slime is within safe levels.
  • BBC state that Slime needs to comply with a stated “recommended 300mg/kg level of boron”. However CLEAPSS (used in most schools) state that the 4% borax solutions that we use, are low hazard.
  • Happily we have done some experiments and discovered that a 2% borax solution still provides acceptable slime making properties.
  • This brings the boron levels down to 226.8mg/kg, well within the limits stated by the BBC article.
  • We will conduct further test to make sure the slime with the 2% borax is stable and up to our high slime standards and update the slime making instructions.
  • We are also creating a slime/borax information sheet to be included as part of the risk assessment.

Our mantra will always be

Safety | Fun | Education

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